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Program Agreement

          Program terms and conditions: 

  • There will be NO use of alcoholic beverages or alcohol of ANY KIND.          
  • There shall be NO use of drugs of ANY KIND. (unless prescribed by doctor and  approved by management.            
  • CLS will graciously give the time allotted to be clean from prior drug use.    _   
  • I agree to participate in programs that will facilitate spiritual growth such as Bible studies Community house meetings, fellowship opportunities, etc.     _  
  • Those persons under the supervision of either Parole and/or Probation department, hereby agree to let the CLS management meet with their representative and discuss their case as required.          
  • I acknowledge that I will have a schedule of meetings which I must maintain with the CLS team to help me achieve my goals, review my progress and activities. ____
  • I acknowledge and understand that electronics of any kind are only allowed with prior approval and used only under circumstances agreed upon.            
  • I agree to maintain a neat and clean-cut appearance at all times. This includes personal hygiene, regular haircuts and modest appearance.  __    
  • I agree to contact a CLS staff member should I have the need to discuss problems or personal needs/issues. I understand there will always be a staff member available to speak with.
  • I agree to always be truthful and honest with CLS staff members, regardless of the situation.      
  • I acknowledge that smoking is prohibited in the home and camp and cars and allowed only in designated areas.         
  • Curfew for the house is 10pm. Christ Like hours are 6am-4pm Mon. thru Fri.      
  • Guests or immediate family members can be hosted at CLS main offices at

7500 Green Valley Road, Placerville CA from 10am to 4pm Mon. thru Fri.

  • House chores are a necessary part of the program and to be determined by Management days and times of duties.           
  • I agree not to leave without permission day or night.      

By signing below, I agree to the terms and conditions as stated above. Should I violate any of these terms and conditions, I understand that all assistance from CLS may sease and all funds expended to me by CLS become due and payable in full. If I am on probation and/or parole, any violation will be reported to necessary people in situation. This agreement shall remain in full force and effect until I hae graduated from the CLS program.

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